Wellcome in our site!

picture1 - Wellcome in our site!
"Consider yourself that it is all the same whether one drug or ointment is prepared by hand or machine. Person gives something else of works, when he produces them - do not laugh at this. "Dr. Rudolf Steiner

Welcome to our Atelie for herbal aromas, spices, teas, herbal elixirs, water, creams, cosmetics and others.
If you love nature, if you have thought about how much she gives of everything we need, we welcome you to our website.We will talk about herbs, flowers, teas, spices, ointments and other products created from herbs, especially for you. We are two masters in pharmacy, with a much different view of the profession. Determined to revive peoples faith in Bulgarian herbs, Bulgarian nature and simple remedies, prepared with love and respect, considering that herbalism and manufacture of medicinal products is the true essence of this profession. All herbs are hand picked high in the mountains where no human foot sometimes. All products are handmade, natural and fresh, prepared immediately before use. For preparation we use alpine pure spring water, beeswax, honey and propolis from our own apiary, and infusions, aromatic waters and oils elixir water, herbal infusions, tinctures and extracts, and dry powders of herbs, natural, crushed spices in dry and fresh appearance.



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